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Brow (Wax or Thread)

Chin (Wax)

Cheeks (Wax or Thread)

Lip (Wax/Thread)

Chin Thread

Full Face (Wax or Thread)


Half Arm (Wax)

Full Arm (Wax)

Back W/ Shoulders

Chest (Wax)

Bikini (Wax)

Australian/Modified (Wax)

Brazilian (Wax)

Under Arm (Wax)

Half Leg (Wax)

Full Leg (Wax)

Microblading Consultation



















Skin Care Services

Repechage Four Layer Facial

Vita-Cura Facial

Fusion Express Facials

Hydra Dew Pure Facial

Biolight Miracle Facial GlycoSea Peel





$150/5 for $500

Finishing Touches & Add-Ons

Perfect Brow

Lash Tint

Brow Tint

Make-Up Application

Off Site Application (+travel fee)

Make-Up Lesson

Airbrush Tanning






$200 w/b


Permanent Makeup

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